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The Urban Greenprint is an outcome-driven project, but its process is key to its success.

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PHASE 1:  Roundtables
PHASE 1: Roundtables

Engaging diverse sectors of the community - Regulators, Designers, Business Owners, Environmental Groups - to identify key issues and connect with resources.

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PHASE 2:  Research
PHASE 2: Research

Understanding predevelopment and current regional conditions, particularly related to key issues identified during Phase 1.

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PHASE 3:   Biomimicry Brainstorm
PHASE 3: Biomimicry Brainstorm

Identifying nature's strategies that solve for gaps identified in Phase 2. Abstract those strategies into research topics or real world design solutions.

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PHASE 4:  Projects
PHASE 4: Projects

(credit: Berger Partnership) Honing ideas from Phase 3 for use by in-the-ground projects or research. Identifying teams and process to move projects forward.

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