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Through the lens of biomimicry and with Nature as mentor, the Urban Greenprint identifies ways to strengthen ecological systems in urban centers.  By understanding how Nature functioned in a location before urban development changed the balance, the Greenprint provides design guidelines and targets projects that improve a city’s ecological health and the well-being of its population.

The goal of the Greenprint is not to recreate the predevelopment ecosystem but instead to understand how urban buildings and spaces can restore the functions those earlier ecosystems provided.  Through place-based research and a biomimetic process to understand Nature's strategies, the Urban Greenprint identifies approaches cities can implement to operate more sustainably and improve quality of life.

The Urban Greenprint has grown out of the work of Biomimicry Puget Sound, a regional network loosely affiliated with Biomimicry 3.8, and with support from the Bullitt Foundation.


How can a city function like a forest?

What can we learn from Nature to improve the health, resilience, & livability of our cities?

How can our buildings and roads sequester carbon, treat polluted runoff, and support biodiversity?

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